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Introducing, Sydney Montana!

We are proud to announce that Sydney has joined our team at Dandy as a Marketing Advisor, joining alongside our other investors and advisors, from Founders & leaders at:
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About Sydney

An expert in PR, marketing & wellness.

Sydney is a business development professional and yogi. After graduating from DePaul University in Chicago with a degree in Public Relations & Advertising, Sydney moved to LA 5 years ago. In these 5 years Ms. Montana has worked with multiple advertising agencies and lifestyle brands, while simultaneously also spearheading the launches of many brands privately. On the weekend you can find Sydney in Silver Lake grabbing a vinegar soda from Dayglow, or grabbing a cold brew from LA Columb. With one of Ms. Montana's Future 2020 goals being to go to Yellowstone and achieve a handstand, we are also excited to work with Sydney as we begin our launch of Dandy across LA. 

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What is Dandy?

Dandy is the world's first live speed dating app.


Every night at 8pm we go live. When you see a potential match, they see your profile too at the same time on their phone. You both then have a few seconds to like each other. If it's a mutual match you then enter a live chat for 3 mins. After 3 mins the chat ends and you have the the option to exchange numbers and take it to iMessage!

We are in invite only access in LA.

Did Sydney invite you? Join below:

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