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Culture Advisor Invitiations

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Earn $10 per qualified referal

Invite only for singles in LA.

Membership is free but invite only, with each member being able to invite just 1 person. However, as a culture advisor you do not have these limitations and can earn from each successful referral you make.

What makes a successful referal?

Our membership committee makes decisions on which applicants to accept into our community based on a few factors. This ranges from minimum criteria, such as if they're based in LA, to more quality driven criteria, such Instagram profiles with high resolution content or media for Dandy profiles. If your referrals meet our committee's guidelines and your referrals are accepted into the community you will be paid at the start of the next week. Referrals must download the Dandy app, fill out their profiles and go 'live' in at least 1 session  to be considered valid. Only those that meet criteria will be given codes to access our community.


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