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To apply, please email your portfolio and resume to

Context on us

Dandy is the first dating app that’s been backed by both the former CTO & the cofounder of Tinder, and is positioning itself to build the future of dating for Millennials & Gen Z. We are the first-ever live synchronous dating experience, built to solve the problem of immense time & effort required by existing online dating experiences.

We just closed a seed round with First Round Capital as our lead investor, joined by powerhouse investors from Uber, Lyft, Twitter, Snapchat, Houseparty, Airbnb, and more.

In order to build the best product possible, our team is always our top priority. We have a very small & contagiously high-energy team with incredible strengths in product, marketing, and engineering. We are looking for the last piece of the puzzle: a teammate with an unnatural product design skillset who is ready to get involved at the ground floor.

Fo​ r our first product designer, we need a versatile, empathetic teammate who understands people and why they do things. We’re building a platform that ties into the incredibly complex yet fulfilling fundamental human need of connection, meaning that our product iterations will inferred through feedback & not explicitly said.

You will work with the CEO to build experiences that resonate with our users and to improve the incredibly powerful connections that we’re creating every day. We think this is a dream job for an extremely talented, goal-oriented designer & product thinker, and we couldn’t be more excited to work together.

Who we’re looking for


Someone who uses design as a tool, but their mind as the toolbox

●  Superior EQ and understanding of the world around them—preferably with an emphasis in dating culture

●  Never takes feedback at surface level & knows how to carefully get to the root of every comment; the “why”

●  Expert in product psychology with strong design skills; excels at anything from UX work and wireframing to fine-grained visual design

●  Doesn’t just follow common wisdom in design blogs or blindly follow established UI/UX patterns

Someone who can communicate seamlessly

●  Ability to give and receive positive and critical feedback, especially during our iterative product development process

●  Excellent written and verbal communication skills to convey approach and design thought process

Someone who is an entrepreneur at heart

●  Ready to take on an enormous amount of responsibility over the core pillar of our company

●  Self starter attitude with excitement to work in a fast paced, sometimes ambiguous, and low ego environment

●  Requires minimal management; a true self-starter than can run with an idea and surprise the team with their level of thoughtfulness, detail, and practicality

●  Radiates a level of energy & optimism to push teammates far beyond what they thought was possible during the ups while playing a supporting role during the downs


●  Create a unified design of new features from concept to release, including visual interfaces, wireframes, user flows, and finalized assets

●  Be a leader across the org and evangelize our three core product pillars—f​ un, meaningful,simple—a​ crosseverythingwedoasacompany

●  Ability to take a product vision & create various design paths to accomplish its goal

●  Ability to unbiasedly explain pros and cons of each design variation to leadership

●  Help decide what to build and why, not just make pixels pretty

●  Conceive new product ideas and pitch them directly to the CEO

●  Create design that will optimize the product for increased growth, engagement, and retention

●  Help us find and develop the next great Dandy designers as we grow our team



●  A portfolio of beautiful interface designs that will make us say WOW

●  3+ years experience designing and shipping mobile applications

●  Proficiency in Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, or other design tools

●  Excellent communication and presentation skills


Daniel Newman, Cofounder/COO

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