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Congrats! We'd love to work with you

Dandy is the worlds first live speed dating app.

Every night @ 8pm join 500+ LA singles to live speed date. While you see a potential match on your phone, they see your profile live at the same time on their screen. If you both like each other you enter a 3 minute live chat. After that, decide if you want to exchange numbers and take it to iMessage. Learn more here.

What we like:

  • Try Dandy yourself & tell us how you'd like to share Dandy! Tap here to get a private download link.

  • Content: A bright video/boomerang, or else outside pictures - we mostly leave the creative to you though! We also ideally prefer posts with multiple pictures/videos in them - these perform better, getting more reach

  • Caption: A caption that tells people about either our app, or our events, @tag mentions @dandylive and directs people to sign up using the link in our bio.

Example captions: 

  • For all my single friends in #LA, check out @dandylive! I just started working with them, they're the world's first live speed dating app, backed by the founders of @tinder. It's invite only but if you use my IG username as the referal code you can get your application fast tracked! Check out the link in their bio @dandylive if you're interested 🥰

  • ❤️ #LA friends! If you're looking for something to do, come join me at some of @dandylive's events in the #hollywoodhills next month. Check out their link in bio, they're the world's first live speed dating app and doing some cool events in LA (houseparties, game nights, murder mustery and stuff). They're Invite only so you have to apply on the site, but mention my username when signing up and you should be ok, see you guys there!

  • Hey! For everyone in #LA, I just started helping @dandylive! 🥰 If you're single and trying to change that check it out. Dandy is the world's first live speed dating app, we're invite only but you can tap the link their bio to apply and use my IG name to fast track yourself. We've also got a bunch of events coming up, from hollywood hills parties to murdery mystery nights and singles boxing too. See you guys there!

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